Commas separating items in array lost

Hi there,

I have a rollup field - Field A - which displays items in an array using a comma separator. I retrieve the items using ARRAYUNIQUE(values).

When I try and call this field in another field - Field B, this formula keeps the comma separator:

{Field A}
Produces: 1, 2, 3

When I try and add text to the formula, the commas are lost and the values aren’t separated but bunch into one long block of text:

{Field A) & " Text"
Produces: 123 Text

Would anyone be able to help? How can I add the commas/separators back in between these values?

Try this:

ARRAYJOIN({Field A},", ") & " Text"

There are probably other ways of handling this too, but that should work.


Or convert the formula in the rollup field to


In either case, you need to use ARRAYJOIN.

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Thanks both!

I’ve opted for Scott’s approach as I still need to be able to count items in the array.

I didn’t realise we could use ARRAYJOIN outside of a Rollup field. The documentation seems a little unclear:



Yeah, they have errors in their documentation for many different functions. Glad you got it working!

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