Comment In Cells


Often times, I would like to add a note or comment to a somewhat static entry.

To keep the tables clean, I like less information, but it would be great to drill down into a cell a little deeper and be able to make a comment.


You can actually already do this in the expanded view of a record (hitting space while the row is selected, or the expansion arrows at the far left). The tracking info down the right that shows all changes can also allow comments; you can tag others who view the Base in case they need to be aware of your feedback, or you can just add it for yourself.


@Dean_Toland, this allows you to add a comment to the whole row but not a cell individually, right? It shows up in the comments feed which mixes comments with changes and unless you indicate it in every comment, there’s no way to tie the comment to a certain cell.


You’re absolutely correct @Kyle_Stenson, my apologies for overselling the comments. :slight_smile: They are record specific, not field specific; it might be a temporary workaround until more functionality comes, but I have certainly seen in my own bases that field specific comments would be preferable as well.


Here’s hoping :slight_smile:. Thanks, Dean!


I’m experimenting with moving over from Google spreadsheets. “Comment on a cell” seems pretty basic… still not available?

If not, I’m trying to suggest (but not demand) possible edits for text in a cell… suggestions for how to do this?