Commenting should be free on all plans

Currently the FREE plan allows for unlimited commenting and read-only users.

This same feature is not available on paid plans which is something I really can’t understand… It does make sense to charge per user who creates and edits data, but to charge the same “seat price” for people who may simply leave some feedback once a month really makes no sense and severly limits the use of AirTable to the point we are considering switching out.

Its even more inconsistent with the fact that this is an unlimited feature on the FREE plan that gets removed on paid plans. And as far as I know commenting on paid plans has no advantages or added features at all… So why charge for something that was already free and penalize paying users??

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There is a historical for this. Previously, free plans had unlimited editors/creators, but no access to apps. When Airtable revised the free plan to include one app, they also put a cap on the number of editors/creators, but left the number of read-only and commenters unlimited.

Thanks :slight_smile: Well yeah, that does explain why its there, but not why it hasn’t changed…

Honestly i think its first time ever I hear of a Freemium model that removes features from paying users. That’s just counter-intuitive. Seems to me someone high within Airtable stuck their feet on this and really won’t rethink it.