Comments entered in Interface

When comments are entered in an interface (using the Record Comments element) where are they saved on the record? When I go back into the base, I can’t find the comments. Any help from this amazing group of users?

UPDATE - I found where the comments landed (as a number on the record name). I need to be able to pull the comment to put it on another interface view. Is that possible? Or do I just need to create an editable field in the underlying table and use that element instead?

There’s no accessing the comments outside of the record they are added to at the moment. Don’t forget they vanish after a while, time dependant on plan.

A notes field could work for sure, but a better option might be a devoted linked log table, with a new row for each comment. That way you could mimic the comments functionality more fully and in a more flexible format.

Thanks Joe! Great idea on the linked log table - that may be the way to go for what we need. And thanks for the head-ups on comments vanishing, I had no idea. Love this forum!

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They don’t actually :blush:

Can you remove or edit a comment created by another collaborator?

Currently, comments can only be edited or deleted by the collaborator that created that comment. Comments are never removed from a base (regardless of a workspace’s plan level) - even if the collaborator who originally made the comment is removed.


Ah! My mistake - I was thinking it was included within revision and snapshot history.

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