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hey everyone,

I want to start using the comments on records but I’m hesitant due to the warning about only having 1 year of history. What does this mean? is it just revision history or does it include comments?

Appreciate your time people

As far as I know 1 year limit is for revision history/snapshots, it shouldn’t affect the comments. That would not make sense.
But I guess its best to email Airtable support about this, as their answer will be most relevant :slight_smile:

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I thought the same but need to know for sure if I’m telling a client. You’re right, I’ll email them. Thanks for your input🙏

Message from AT if anyone else wanted clarification:

“Comments are never removed from a base (regardless of plan level) - even if the collaborator is removed. They are not associated with revision history timeframes (i.e. 2 weeks on Free, 1 year on Pro, etc).”


Hi @Jason_Martin

Thank you for letting us know!

Mary Kay

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