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I’m having an issue with logging into this forum. I log in to two different accounts on my computer, one is my boss’s, and the other is my own personal account. (Right now I’m actually on my boss’s, which is the issue.) I’m trying to log into my own account, (Helen Vaskevitch), but every time I log out and then back in again, it automatically logs me into my boss’s account (Don Chaffer). It never gives me a log in screen. I don’t have this problem with the actual airtable accounts, just with the forum accounts. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. How can I fix this and log into my person account on the forum?

You are probably logged into Airtable proper as @Don_Chaffer. May sure you are logged out of both Airtable and Airtable Community, and then try again.

If it still wants to call you Don, I recommend first sending @Helen_Vaskevitch a PM authorizing she receives a 15% raise, effective immediately. Then log out of both Airtable and Airtable Community, clear your browser cache and cookies and site data for *, restart your browser, and try once more.,

@W_Vann_Hall Helen here! That fixed it! (And I only had to sign out, I didn’t have to do any of the other stuff.) I never would have guessed that, because on the desktop app I am signed into my account, but apparently on I was signed in as Don. Thanks for the help!

That’s too bad — I was hoping you’d get that raise! :wink:

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