Compare NOW() or TODAY() with date field in a table

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I want to create formula that will return true if today is after date or s within two dates.

Above is the formula that does not work for me, it always returns false.

I would appreciate some help. Thanks

Your formula works just fine for me. Be sure that you’re using “straight quotes” instead of “curly quotes”, so that your formula looks like this:


When comparing date/time values, it is better to use the date/time comparison functions.
You can use the IS_BEFORE, IS_AFTER, and IS_SAME functions, or you can use the DATETIME_DIFF function.

    DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Check-in}, 'days') >= 0,
    DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Check-out}, 'days') <= 0

A couple of notes:

  • TODAY() and NOW() are not continuously updated. You may need to reload a base or view in order to update them.

  • TODAY() and NOW() return the GMT date and time, not local time. So if your {Check-in} and {Check-out} times are displayed as local dates, your results might be off by a day.

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Thank you both on your help. @ScottWorld Unfortunately the formula does not work for me, it may be because it’s Lookup field.

@kuovonne I manage to get this to work with IS_BEFORE and IS_AFTER.

@Pjero_Kusijanovic Oh okay, you didn’t mention that it was a Lookup field… key piece of information there! :wink: Glad that you got it working with the other Date functions that are available to you.

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