Comparing cells across tables


Hi there. I’m pretty new to Airtable but am so far finding it a great tool

I have a quick question if anyone can help
I have a table with inventory (includes barcode serial number, model number, product type etc)

The problem I’m having is we need to ensure that everything in our storage is itemized in this table. I’d like to create a scenario where we can scan a box serial number barcode, and compare it against the serial numbers in the table to see if it already exists.
I’m assuming I’d have to set up a new table with all of the identical fields. What I would like to happen is to be able to scan the barcode. Check if this exists in the first table, if it does then mark a field as “exists” or something to that effect. If it doesn’t exist, then mark it as “doesn’t exist” and the user can carry on adding the appropriate information

Is this possible? Is this something I should do through the api or directly through the app?


I think this thread could help, it’s about a similar isue with barcodes etc: Populating Table A with Table B Information


thanks. that’s actually almost exactly what i want to do. was just hoping to avoid zapier.
this is for a very short run project, so didn[t want to have to get a paid zapier account