Comparing differences in two schedules

Hey all,

I’m a little new to airtables but have found it amazingly powerful so far and very simple. However, I’m trying to find a way to automate a accountability process which I am struggling with where to start.

Right now, I have a main schedule assigned to staff and tasks between two-date times, and a calculated duration for the hours of work.

Then I have the contractor billing input where contractors tell me which clients they have worked with and the start datetime and duration.

Basically, I want to cross reference to see whether the main schedule adds up with the report that contractors are inputing. I want to cross reference the number of hours, and whether they are completing their assigned tasks. So matching a task and a staff from the schedule with the timesheet input.

Any means of doing this? Where should I start?

Could you describe your base structure? Although I can guess an approximation, it’s better to have the real one.

I can’t share the table since there is some confidential names.

Though it goes

Official Schedule:
Client name, datetime start, datetime end, duration, staff name.

Staff timesheet:
Client name, datetime start, datetime end, duration, staff name

I want to compare whether these two fields are adding up. I also want to see if the datetime start and datetime end adds up. Finally, I want to know if there are any duplications and whether the correct staff name are taking the session or if it’s someone else.

Hi JP_Foster,
I am curious if you found a solution. Thank you.