Complete a record after its done


Imagine a person create a record using a form, input his name and a magic word, and then is granted the right to use an object, lets say some clay.
After the use, the person have made a beautiful thing out of clay. He wants to append a photo of his work on his record.

how is this possible in airtable?


You could make the person a collaborator for that record. That way they can see the record and add something to it.


Possibly, it could be done by defining two forms:

  1. This is the form you initially describe, the one the user completes in order to be able to use the clay.
  2. This would be a form used to create a new record in the [Photo] table. Each record in [Photo] would consist of some sort of primary field, an attachments field where the user would be able to submit a photo of the artwork, and a linked-record field that links to the table containing the first form.

When the user wishes to add a photo to the original record, what he or she actually does is creates a second record in a different table, uploads the photo to this new record, and links it to the original record. From the original record, the user can then traverse the link to the [Photo] record to retrieve the applicable photo.

Potential problems include there being no way to ensure the record to which the [Photo] record is linked is the one to which it should be linked…


Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your inputs.

I used a second table linking to the unique id of the first table.
I used a form to fill in the second table with the ?prefill_Field=UniqueId added on to the url link inside the email that i generated with Zapier.
Working just fine :slight_smile:

Nice day to all!


Let’s imagine now that :
I add on my list a color Field. (blue, red).
I create a new record of a Blue Object. Someone gives me clay and paint.
Now I make an object and paint it blue.
I upload a photo of my creation that i painted in blue (using ?prefill_IDField=uniqueid)

Few days later i paint it red.

How will i match the color in my table?

Removing a previous data, it lead to think that my object was never blue. So some may say i should create a new record, heriting from the first one, with the current red color.