Complete AirTable Backup Solutions

I know this has been discussed a few times but I want, not a how to but opinions, on what the best backup solutions for Airtable are. Here is my situation.

I have two Airtable accounts, one for personal and one for business.
I have two Google Drive accounts, one for personal and one for business.

The personal accounts are free, the business accounts are paid for.

So, to save cost and ease of use (since you can’t log into two accounts at once from either Airtable or Google, I share my personal accounts with my Work account, and always log into my work account.

Here’s what I want. I want a way to Back Up my work AirTable account. I tried the Sync to Google Drive function, but since my personal bases are included with my work bases, ALL of the bases come into my Google Drive.

Here are my questions.
1: When syncing with Google Drive, it makes an Airtable folder. If I rename this folder, will the sync still work?
2: If In, in Google Drive, move the Base from the Airtable folder to another Google Drive folder, does that break the sync?
3: It might be that one or two is just creating a link and it dosent matter where that link lives in Google Drive, as long as you don’t rename the base it won’t update.
4: Is this a backup? I don’t think it is.
5: Backing up complete database to Google Sheet? Is this a good route? Or use OpenSide? And does that back up images.

Any help would be much appreciated.