Complete Developer's Guide for Airtable

I’m surprised I am the first to reference this comprehensive and noteworthy effort by the folks over at Sync Inc.

But even more impressive - the authors entirely resisted plugging their own SQL technology until a very brief mention of it at the end of this very lengthy and detailed blog post - true professionals who value and appreciate content over cash.

Take a read - you’ll probably bookmark this and use it as a reference until they make it into a book. :wink:


This is a very nice piece of writing. Not only is this a great introduction to to people who are already developers, the beginning is great for those who are new to writing code or are thinking of hiring someone else to write code.


It’s to be ranked * * * * * / 5 !

Did you see that @openside ?
I would well see it there or there !


Um, no - I am always chatting with the folks at Sync Inc.

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:sparkles: Update to the Guide: Now covering webhooks :electric_plug:

Our goal is to make The Complete Developer’s Guide to Airtable the up to date, reliable resource we wish we had when we started building on Airtable. So as Airtable release new tools, we’ll add tutorials and details to the guide.

In this first update to the guide, we’re coving Airtable’s new incoming webhooks for automations:

In the tutorial, we cover how to integrate Stripe with Airtable using webhooks — which we’ve actually been using at our company, Sync Inc, to help manage subscriptions. It’s worked wonderfully.

Next up on our list is to dig into Remote fetch in Scripting App. DM me if there is a topic you’d like us to cover.

P.S. — many thanks to @ScottWorld, @kuovonne and @Bill.French for their feedback. We’ll continue to incorporate and improve the docs :slight_smile:



Great guide! :slight_smile:

Just an FYI: I was the one who originally pointed out the urlencoding limitation in the original thread: here and here.

Thanks for keeping me honest @ScottWorld - you were the first to point out the limitations on the webhooks. Corrected the mistake everywhere.

I owe credit where it is due. Many thanks for charging ahead and helping us all learn how to use Airtable better :pray:


Thanks so much for updating that, @Eric_Goldman! :smiley: :raised_hands:

And many thanks to YOU for helping us all learn how to use Airtable better!! Your contributions to the community are fantastic & amazing! :slight_smile: