Completely Hide Fields


We’d like the ability to hide a given field across the board, in all user views. Such fields are usually elements of complicated multi-field formulas, and require no UI once configured. Such fields should only be accessible in a “Master Data” view. The “Master Data” view would be accessible to Creators only, and would not allow for any hidden fields or filtering.

Private or User Views and Reverting to Sticky Public Views

This is a nice to have. +1 from me. :+1:


+1 for this feature! would be really useful when using complicated formulas.


This would be very useful. Not just for the scenario described but to stop a new field from appearing in many views when it was created and only needed in one. I have to always go back through and remember to remove the added field from other views.


AGREED! We regularly nuke all of our views and rebuild them from a “primary” view to eliminate the “extra” fields auto-added to all views when we create a field that’s meant to be one-view only.


Yes, this is also on my list of requests! well said. +1


Yeah would be super great to hide a given field in all views across the board except for the base’s owner. An example of use case is when you want to share the base with your crew for scheduling but keep some fields private (like costs) !!

Actually, they would be more like private fields: i.e. fields only the admin/owner can view.