Complex application process

Hello Airtable community, keen to discover any examples of a complex application process being managed using Airtable. TIA

Welcome to the community, @Mark_Everest! :smiley: Your reference to a “complex application process” is a bit broad. My hunch is that you have a specific process you’re seeking to manage, and are wondering if Airtable is up to the task. Could you describe your process in detail? That would help us guide you far more effectively.

Hi Justin

My request is speculative at this time, and you are right do have a process in mind. Working with a startup soon and yet to see their full offline paper based process to be able to translate into an online tool. Have a workshop next week for first exploration. In outline it involves legal compliance, technical feasibility evidence and legislation steps to raise a project for approval and then submit to a community for approval and potential backing. Hope that vague description helps!

Many thanks for responding.

Making decisions about Airtable is a simple matter of requirements. :wink: This comment might be helpful.

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