Complex Formula Question

Hi everyone! This is my first post in the Airtable community, and I have quite the ask.

I need to create a formula that is able to look across four different fields in the same table, and check if those fields have one of two particular values (Let’s say the possible values are ‘Complete’ and ‘None’). If all four fields have either ‘Complete’ or ‘None’ at the same time in the same row, I want the formula to print ‘Yes’. If any of the four fields have a value other than ‘Complete’ or ‘None’, then the formula should NOT print ‘Yes’.

I have tried using a combination of IF, OR, & AND statements, but this has proven to be quite the formula, and I am not the most experienced coder.

My reason for this request is that I want to be able to filter off the value this formula creates, that way I can see all of the tasks in my base that are in progress.

I hope this makes sense, any input is appreciated!!!

that should work:

    {condition 1}="Complete",
    {condition 2}="Complete",
    {condition 3}="Complete",
    {condition 4}="Complete"),

use something like
to debug,

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Hi Ryan. Maybe something like this…


Thank you all for your replies! Through your ideas, I was able to find the solution!!!

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