Complex multi-entry/multivalued fields possible? (please see example)


Hi, everybody!

Sorry, I don’t even know the proper terminology for these types of multi-entry/multivalued fields. But here’s an example pic of a database I want to do, and was wondering if it is possible to do something like this in Airtable.

So, basically I want:

In the Clients table, for every record, in Owns field I want to see which percentages that person owns in which companies (basically their investment portfolio)

In the Companies table, for every record, in Owned by field I want to see which persons or companies own what percentages in that particular company, and in Owns field the holdings of that company

To give an example, I marked some “linked” records (strings) with the same color…

How can I do this with Airtable? Any help is very much appreciated!

Thank you!


You need a junction table for the Investments. Check this:


Take a look at this demo base. I tossed it together in about 10 minutes, to give you an idea of how easily one can create this sort of relational data in Airtable.


Thank you, everybody! Will give it a try!