Complex Questionnaire



I am trying to build a questionnaire within the grid view of Airtable. There are about 300 questions and these are grouped between 20 categories or themes. The interviewee will give a score out of 5 for each question and these will also be weighted.

I will be asking these questions to around 40 people but want to find the best way of maintaining the individual scores that each of the people gave to each question without having to create a new sheet/ base for each person. I have tried using junction tables but unfortunately I can’t find a way around storing all of the data and keeping a different score/ record for each individual for each question.

Any help would be welcomed!




  • Questions = Table
    • Question = Name field
    • Answer = Text field
    • Category = Single select field
    • Score = Rating field
  • Interview = Form View of the talbe
  • Rating per categogy = Group by category and select Average in the bottom of the column

Hope this helps