Complicated Attendance Best Practices


I am brand new to Airtable, and I’d love a little guidance on how to organize player tracking for a Dungeons & Dragons Organized Play program I’ve put together for my game store. Our first event pulled nearly 60 people, so I want to do this right and as quickly as possible since it’s a weekly program.

Here are the details I believe are important:

  1. There are going to be a lot of people involved, probably in the hundreds after a year of games, and it’s likely some of them will drop after only one session.
  2. I want to keep track of how many total games they’ve played, and on what dates.
  3. I want to keep track of whether they participated as a Player or as a Dungeon Master on those dates.

I started messing with it already. I’ve looked at the two other Attendance topics I see here. I’m hoping there is a clean way to do this and where doing the data entry for attendance will go pretty quickly. Thoughts? Here’s my rough draft on what all I was hoping to accomplish. Gryphon Guild Ventures I see from the other help topics that there is probably a smoother way to do it than having a column for each day’s attendance.

Thank you!


Here is how I would approach the problem:

  1. a [People] table containing player names, ranking, links to the [Games] table.
  2. A [Games] table containing information on that day’s gaming. Each [Game] record contains the date of the game, links to all the day’s players, and links to all the day’s DMs.

For each game, create a new record. Tag participants as either a {Player} or a {DM} by either clicking on the appropriate field in the [People] record and selecting today’s [Games] record or by clicking on {Games::Players} and selecting one or more [People] records.

Rollup fields in either table give counts for the # of times a person played, the # of times a person DMed, and the number of players and number of DMs for a day’s gaming.

I also threw an {Error} field into the [People] table that alerts if an individual is marked as both player and DM for a day’s gaming — based on the assumption one cannot be both. If that’s a mistaken assumption, delete the error field.


Thank you! I’ll see what I can make it do with that. I really appreciate the feedback.


It’s working beautifully. We updated our page with your suggestions and are plowing into new things. Have a form for data entry and everything. Beautiful! Super happy.