Computed dates in Timeline view

I have a date field (Publication Date) and a negative number field (Days) for the amount of days before that content is usually submitted for that publicaiton.

I’m using the following formula to get the submission date, avoiding weekends, which works.

DATETIME_FORMAT(WORKDAY({Publication Date},Days),'D/M/YYYY')

My question is, is there a way to use the computed date and Publication Date in a Timeline view? The computed date would be the start date and the date field would be the end date.

Thank you!

p.s. I was forced to choose a tag and Timeline wasn’t an option so I went with Gantt!

DATETIME_FORMAT() is forcing your formula to output a string instead of a date. Either remove it from the formula or use a second field that outputs a straight date and use that field for the timeline view:

WORKDAY({Publication Date},Days)

Hi Kamille, thanks for your reply

I added the DATETIME_FORMAT() as there was a time in the WORKDAY() output whereas we don’t use time in the Publication Date field.

Is a time field unavoidable here?


Just turn off the time in the formula’s format settings.


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