Concatenate combined with IF statements

Hello, dear Airtable community.

I want to generate a unique payment ID, based on the sum, date, cashier, and the type of transaction.

Everything has been good by far, until I decided that I want to try using emojis. So, I assumed it should be a mix of CONCATENATE and IF, because I want the emoji to appear only in one field = meaning that IF it says β€˜cash’ then show β€˜:money_with_wings:’, IF it says β€˜card’ then show β€˜:credit_card:’

Can you post your current formula?
Are you using the CONCATENATE formula or the & operator?

Here is the IF statement:

IF({Payment Type} = "Cash",
  IF({Payment Type} = "Card",

Thanks for your reply and the IF statement!

I’m using a CONCATENATE function.
A separate IF function works well to produce a separate field translating words to emojis, as shown on the screenshot. But is there a way I can include the IF statement to the main concatenate field, so that a helper field is not necessary?

Absolutely, it can be in the same formula. Just concatenate it. I prefer to use the & operator to join things together because I find it easier to read than the CONCATENATE function. You can even use multiple lines.

All three of the following will produce the same result:

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Thanks, that worked! The & operator is indeed more friendly.

My current forfmula looks as follows:

{date field} & IF({Type} = β€œCash”,β€œ:money_with_wings:”,IF({Type} = β€œCard”,β€œ:credit_card:”)) &{Cashier} & {amount}

I know, that is a whole different question, but can I add the β€œ+” sign to differentiate between negative and positive values in the Primary field? Below is the screenshot where I want the values to be more aligned - with the minus sign in place for the expenses, I want to add the plus sign as well for better aesthetics so to speak :slight_smile:


IF({amount} > 0, "+")

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