Concatenate Due Date with Description


I want to have a field that concatenates the Due Date field with the Description field.
It is showing up as this:
2019=05-31T00:00:00.000ZCafaro Service

My formula is:

We do not have the time format selected in due date, so I’m not sure why it is generating this way.

We would prefer a simplified date be shown in Month/Day/Year and have that displayed in front of the project description.
Thank you!

Hi @Julianne_Daltorio You need to use the DATETIME_FORMAT() function to get the date into the format that you need. Try this:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Due Date}, 'MM/DD/YYYY') & '-' & Description

(I’ve used the alternative & rather than CONCATENATE() )


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This was perfect! Thank you so much Jonathan!