Concatenate using multiple linked records


How do I individually concatenate fields if one of the fields is comma-separated?

For example, I want to take “red, blue” and concatenate this with “shoe” to come up with ““red shoe”,“blue shoe”” with the quotation marks instead of “red, blue shoe”.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

Colors (linked records)
Blue, Red

Item (single line text)

Item Colors (formula)
Blue Shoes, Red Shoes

Formula for Item Colors:

  {Item} & ", "
) & " " & {Item}

Note, array related formulas such as ARRAYJOIN are designed for linked records and related fields. They don’t currently support comma separated strings, for example.


Thanks, Zollie! I tried this with a standard Formula field and it didn’t quite work the way I wanted to - but it worked as expected when I used a Rollup field instead.

Here’s another option that will work in a formula field:

SUBSTITUTE(Colors, ", ", " " & Item & ", " ) & " " & Item

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 6.24.33 AM

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