CONCATENATE with prefix for multiple values in the column

To any formula ninjas,

A column has multiple keywords/values. I need to add a pre-fix before each of the values.

column: Colour
values: White, Black, Blue

To: add the prefix “Colour_” to each one of the values in the colour
values: Colour_White, Colour_Black, Colour_Blue

I created another column with the prefix Colour_, and then a basic concat, but the result is (of course):
Colour_White, Black, Blue

I don’t know how to add the prefix to each of the values individually, and if concat is the right formula.

Detail: not all columns will have a value, so need to consider an empty cell.

If anyone has a good idea… much appreciate it !

Like this?


If so, here’s the formula:

IF(Colours, "Colour_" & SUBSTITUTE(Colours & "", ", ", ", Colour_"))

You clever devil - that’s it. :nerd_face:

Thank you very much !!

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