Concatenation + IF formulas

Hello -

I’m having trouble with IF and CONCATENATION formulas

Here is what I’m trying to achieve:
Concatenate “SUB SKU” - “PRODUCT NAME”
If “SUB SKU” = Blank, concatenate “Parent SKU” - “PRODUCT NAME”

I tried it this way but it’s not working.

IF({SUB SKU}, CONCATENATE({Sub Sku},” – “,{Product Name}),IF({SUB SKU}=BLANK(),{Parent SKU},” – “,{Product Name})

Appreciate any help. Thanks!

Since the last two parts of the output will be the same in either condition you could simplify you formula a bit:

IF({Sub SKU}, {Sub SKU}, {Parent SKU}) & ' - ' & {Product Name}

Brilliant! Thank you, it worked.

Could you please mark my reply above as the solution?

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I don’t get credit for the solution if you mark your own reply as the solution, even though you’re quoting me.

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