Concatenation of a Column


Is there any way to concat all the values in a column? Bascially I have 60 email addresses and I want to concat so that I can reference all the emails at once. Need all in one field. Similar to the CONCATENATE(TRANSPOSE()) functions in excel? Any chance?


Yes. Check the Formula field reference:


If you’re talking about 60 rows, each with an email address field, that you want to bring together into a single field, you can do that, as well. Essentially, you’ll need to link each row in your table to a single row in another table (see the Help section on linked records).

The easiest way to do that is as follows:

  1. Define a new single-line text field in the table.
  2. Enter any value in the new text field for row 1. I typically use '.' (the period character).
  3. Click on the fill handle for the cell — the small white box that appears in the cell’s lower right-hand corner — and while holding down the mouse button, drag the handle to the bottom row of the table. Now, in each row the field should have the value '.'.
  4. Right-click on the header for the new text field and select ‘customize field type.’
  5. Change the field’s type from text to ‘link to another record.’ Select ‘create new table’ and name it.

Now, every row in your original table is linked to the sole record in the newly created table, a record with a primary field named '.'.

In your newly created table, define a rollup field that follows the link back to your original table and rolls up the email field. Your aggregation function will depend on how you want to present the emails. If you want them in a single field but displayed one per line, use this function:


If you want them as a comma-separated list, use

ARRAYJOIN(values,', ')

Other formats are possible, as well.

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