Conditional Button Appearance

I’m creating a community-facing form where folks can click a button to open a client’s webpage - IF the client has a webpage. However, if they DON’T have a webpage, I’d love the button to not appear. As it is, it’s disabled, but is there a way to make the button disappear if conditions aren’t met?

From the screenshot: The first entry lacks a checkbox or website. As such, I’d like that button to be invisible, as opposed to merely greyed out. The second entry has a true checkbox and a website, and the appearance of the button is fine.

Any ideas?

That is not possible. You might want to email and suggest that as a feature request. It would also be nice to have conditional text on the button as well — text that changes based on the circumstance.

Alternatively: you can just remove the button and have your users click on the link itself.

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That’s probably where I’ll go next. Just trying to clean it up and make it look fresh. (Do the kids these days still say fresh? Did I just show my age?)

Thanks for the help!

Ha, yes, you just revealed your age. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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