Conditional calculation formulas, or formulas using formulas?

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I’m trying to calculate weekly sales as a percentage of monthly sales goals. I’ve made a conditional formula to populate sales goals according to month, and my formula is accepted but only returns errors.

I’m also wondering if I can bypass the separate sales goals field and embed the formula into a calculation, i.e., can I say that IF {Month} is MM/YYY, {Current Month Sales}/‘XXXXXX’

If not, I’d like to just be able to calculate simple division, but that doesn’t seem to be working either.


First Screenshot: looks like {Monthly Goal} returns a string and not a number, what’s that field’s formula?

Second Screenshot: You have a random ( to start the second argument of the IF() statement and you’re wrapping the rest of the second argument in quotes when it shouldn’t be (you are doing math, not outputting a string. Only use quotes if you mean “insert this exact text no matter what it is”). A proper IF() would be: IF({MONTH}='10/2020', {Current Month Sales}/85825)

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