Conditional date field?

Hi All,
New to this forum.
I’d like if possible to set up a conditional date field.
We have two fields
Date field (which should not be empty)
Checkbox field “Date not needed”

If the date field is empty and the checkbox field is true then I’d like the message “Date not needed” to display in the date field.


HI @Randall_Green
I do not think that you can make a date field display plain text like “Date not needed”, it would need to be a date.

You can however add a formula field to display the text if those two options are true.

IF(AND(Date='', {Date not needed} = 1), 'Date not needed')

Thanks! that’s the way to go. Can you expand that to include if the date field is not empty then to display the entered date? That way it would display the date if entered or the text if the “date not needed” is not checked. Much appreciated.

IF(AND(Date='', {Date not needed} = 1), 'Date not needed', IF(Date != '', DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'L')))

Since the formula makes the date a show everything, I added some formatting to clean it up.

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