Conditional field populating

Hello everyone. Sorry if this isn’t in the proper category or if the question seems newbie.

I’m kind of new to Airtable and was wondering if there’s a way to automatically populate a field across a whole table based on a condition within a field in that table and/or in another table entirely.

To simplify, I have a table with the following columns: Website Name, URL, and Categories.

What I want to achieve is create a 4th column based on values within the Categories field. For example, if Categories field has “Laptops”, the 4th column would automatically populate with a text like “Source1, Source2”, etc. Is there a way to do this across the whole table and at the same time be able to edit the “Source” text to add more websites?

Photo for clarification:

Is it possible to make it so that Sample Website 2 through 4 also have Source1, Source2 in their Sources column?

Sorry if this is confusing.

Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, that is not possible in Airtable. Be sure to email to request this feature.

You could potentially write your own script to mimic this functionality in a scripting block.

There is also an elaborate workaround to this issue here — but this also comes with its own drawbacks:

Thank you! I sure will do.

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