Conditional Form Fields

How can I accomplish the following: In a form I want to dynamically alter the choices available in Field B when a certain option is chosen in Field A.


  1. Field A could be a single select list of countries
  2. Field B could be a single select list of states (All states in all countries)
  3. When a specific country is selected in field A, a corresponding subset of options is available to select in field B.

Hi @Bodo_Hoenen1 ,

you can do it from the form editing view. When you import the B field in your form there is an option at the end of the field’s tab “Show field when conditions are met”. Click there and then you can add your conditions. As you will see the conditional choices include only the fields which are stored above the field you are editing.

Please when you try it post us back your results.

@Dimitris_Goudis This was one of the first things I tried, and the issue is that I cant add multiple filters that are dependent on inputs from a preceding field. It allows you to add only one, I.E if country 1 is selected, then show states from country one. You cannot then add another filter that says if country 2 is selected then show all the states from country 2.

This is not possible to do neatly in an Airtable form. One way is to have a different pick list for each single select value. For example, have one single-select for country. The. Have a different single select for each country with the states for that country. Then use conditions to determine which country’s pick list to show. Finally, have an automation to consolidate the data from the multiple pick lists into a single field.


OK, thank you! One messy workaround is for me to create a copy of the state field for each country :frowning: and then use the “show field when conditions are met” logic, but as you can imagine this is messy. The other option is to purchase a plugin for a ridiculous sum from

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