Conditional formatting - coloring individual cells

I find this feature invaluable in Excel, and I would love to see it implemented for Airtable.

Currently the only conditional format coloring option just sticks a little colored box next to the main record name. For my team’s purposes, that’s not particularly useful.

What would be awesome is if we could get individually colored cells - here’s a couple examples

  1. if a cell contains the word “hello”, that cell is colored green in the background
  2. if a cell contains a date that is within the next 2 days, that cell is colored red.

I’d also love an option to shut off automatic coloring when something is grouped/sorted/filtered, as it’s distracting and not always necessary… but I guess that’s a product suggestion for a different post :slight_smile:

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Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!! Even the ability to highlight a whole field for emphasis would be really nice!

Conditional formatting goes way beyond a pretty feature. It is a basic data visualization tool as important as charts and filters. It can often replace a filter to give your query more context while still emphasizing the important details.

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