Conditional Formatting not working for me

I have a field that lists jobs as “open,” “closed complete” and “closed incomplete”. I would like to calculate the number of days for open jobs since they’ve been submitted.

Without conditional formatting, datetime_diff (today(), {date requested}, ‘days’ works.

When I try to add in a condition it doesn’t. I’ve tried multiple variations of this, but nothing seems to work.
=if({date requested} = “open”, ) (datetime_diff (today(), {date requested}, ‘days’

I’m sure it’s an additional/missing character issue, but if you can help, I’ll forever be in your debt.

Yes. Shouldn’t the date field and the single select field be separate?
The formula would look like this.

IF({status}="open",DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {date requested}, 'days'))

Progress in that the formula was accepted. But nothing is showing up for the records that have an “open” status.


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