Conditional Formatting

Bump. Bump Would allow for amazing capabilities for visual reporting of data to others.

+1 this feature.

I use it for auto-highlighting things that are due at different stages (3 business days out ,versus next day, versus same day, versus overdue). Generally I put this formatting on one column of data (the ‘due date’) so that the sheet is not overcrowded.

Bump. This is a necessary feature for us to move our tools into AT.

Would be great to apply colors to rows based in formulas!

+1 for Conditional Formatting

Would also love this feature. Right now on a spreadhseet I have I would like to be able to say:

If this single select field type equals ‘to do’ then make the background of the row red. If this single select field type equals 'complete" then make the background of the row green.

It would make sense to be able to choose whether it was row or cell background colour that changed. I realise as well that you could run into difficulty if multiple columns have similar but different rules - I don’t know how other spreadsheets handle this. Perhaps rules could have priorities assigned.

Hey everyone! Today we just released record coloring, which is a Pro plan feature that lets you set colors for records based on filter-like conditions. It works on calendar, grid, kanban, and gallery views—for calendar, the whole card receives a color; for grid, kanban, and gallery, the value in the primary field gets a color flag. Read more about it here!

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I use Record Coloring and it’s pretty great. I would still like to be able to highlight a column.

Record color is nice and all but it is just another filter…it may be different if I could put a formula in place but I cannot. Here’s an example. I need a column to tell me when I have gone over 40 characters. Creating a whole new column for a formula is just a waist of space. What if I needed this for every column. Just the ability to turn the cell red that went over 40 characters is so simple and invaluable!

Thanks for you time

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Really need this feature as well.

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@Airtable_Support @Airtable_Team

Just bumped the topic regarding the lack of Conditional logic in Airtable forms and am now finding that there is no conditional formatting available for records and fields. Can someone from Airtable respond with status of these essential features. Thanks!


@Katherine_Duh @Andrew @Airtable_Team +1. I need simple formatting that is impossible in AT as far as i can tell-

  1. word wrap of column header row/ column name
  2. ability to designate a field as ‘required’ and alert color if it is un-filled
  3. simplest of all- apply a bg color to a column. There are lots of formatting available in AT, but not this simplest of things

Any updates on this request? I’d love to be able to show dates are red if they have passed.

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Please add this feature! It is still needed!