Conditional Forms field frequency

We use forms for a maintenance checklist. Works perfectly. But now we have to put a extra checkpoint appear on the same checklist every 2 weeks.
Is that possible on the same checklist? I cannot do it through the conditions. Has anyone have an idea for this?

Are you talking about adding a new item to a single or multiple select field for a limited period of time every two weeks? Or are you talking about a specific field that only needs to appear as part of the form every two weeks? Any more details that you can provide would be helpful.



The form is a daily task with single select fields (OK or NOT OK), comments and priorities plus a attachment field for photos.

A hydraulic line should be checked every 2 weeks. I would like to provide on the same FORM a single select field that appears every 2 weeks. It’s a required field.

So it’ a specific field that appear as part of the form.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.