Conditional formula - If/Or/And - Not sure which

Ok this seems pretty simple, but I just can’t get my head around it. I am new to formulas, so get the basics, but want to move beyond.

Fields are - Member, Age, Clearance, Expiry, Valid, Current Member, Needs attention.

Basically, if the Valid field is ‘not valid’ and the current member is ‘yes’ then the needs attention should be ‘yes’
However, if the member is not yet 18 then clearance etc is not required.

So far I have
IF( Age<18,“Not Required”,
IF(AND(Age>17, Clearance,Expiry), “Valid”, “Not Valid”))

But I would like it to only be valid if the Expiry is after ‘today’.

I really don’t know if I am explaining it well.

I have created an example table here to help explain.

Hi Kel, try this out:

	"Not Required",
			IS_AFTER({Expiry}, TODAY())
		"Not Valid"

THANK YOU! Again, your help is awesome.

I had come so close but looks like I was putting things in the wrong order.

That did the trick. Thank you so much.

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