Conditional Logic-ish Linked Records

Hi all,

I am just wondering is this still works. I have just tried implementing it and it isn’t working for me. When selecting the “Category”, all “Subcategories” display instead of the ones associated with that category.

I copied the base and set up all fields according to the base. The only thing that works is the Mismatch Alert when I select a subcategory that doesn’t belong to the category.

@Scott_White and @Tim_Deng - this is what the majority of us are really, really needing. I would guess that this one feature alone - Conditional Linked Records - prevents Airtable from being adopted by countless manufacturers to help manage and process products.


I’ve checked the base just now, and it still works - but the overhead needed to create/support this base is simply unspeakable - and the biggest problem is that it only works with one entry at a time. If you half complete one record, and then start another, all field selections fail.

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