Conditional Logic On Range of Cells in Single Column


I have a long list of tasks that need to be completed before a launch and I would like to run a simple conditional that checks to see if all of the tasks in a single column have been marked as done (true). Is it possible in Airtable to run a conditional check on a range of cells within a single column?

I realize I could put all of the tasks in a single row and then run the conditional statement using a nested IF(AND()) statement but because the list of tasks is so long (40-50) I would prefer to have all of the tasks in a single column and then the checkboxes in a single column next to those. (see photo).

The idea is to have one cell whose status is updated to “:rocket: READY FOR LAUNCH :rocket:” once all of the pre-launch items have been marked as complete.

How does one run a conditional check across a range of cells in a single column?


If this table is entirely standalone, then this would be a problem - however, if the tasks were all related to something (the thing being launched) then a rollup field with AND(Values) will return a 1 if all are complete - and a formula field or the new Color options can make the record stand out.