Conditional Multi-Selection Field


How can I change the the multi-select options based on whats chosen in a previous multi-selection field. For Example, if I have 2 multiple selection fields: Field 1 for State and Field 2 for City, if I choose New Jersey, only New Jersey cities would then be in field 2


Same problem.

How i can have selection depends on selection in previous field.

Thank you


features features missing features ! i like the product but I am super surprised that small features like multi-select based on another table (reference data for multi-select), conditional multi selection, etc etc. does not exist !


agree - badly needed! any workarounds for this?? @airtable


Like you, I require the use of City/State on one of my tables. However, I do it a little differently with a formula. I created a formula, so that when the zip code is entered into a number field, the city and state automatically populate. I really like this way. However, every time I enter a new zip code, I have to add it to my formula field. I tried to jump the gun and found a list of every zip code in the state that I am primarily in and go ahead and create the formula for that state, but sadly, airtable limits the lenght of a formula that you have. I think I found the max to be around 350 IF() formulas branched together in one field.

I have not yet reached that in my table, but I know that it will eventually come, and I will have to find a different way to put the city and state. It will most likely be to enter the city and state manually in a single line text field. I really hate that airtable doesn’t offer something like this for the users that require city and state inputs in their table. I really hope that I find another way to auto-populate the city and state soon, as I am rapidly approaching the max in my table.