Conditional Multi-Selection Field


How can I change the the multi-select options based on whats chosen in a previous multi-selection field. For Example, if I have 2 multiple selection fields: Field 1 for State and Field 2 for City, if I choose New Jersey, only New Jersey cities would then be in field 2

Conditional for select type

Same problem.

How i can have selection depends on selection in previous field.

Thank you


features features missing features ! i like the product but I am super surprised that small features like multi-select based on another table (reference data for multi-select), conditional multi selection, etc etc. does not exist !


agree - badly needed! any workarounds for this?? @airtable


Like you, I require the use of City/State on one of my tables. However, I do it a little differently with a formula. I created a formula, so that when the zip code is entered into a number field, the city and state automatically populate. I really like this way. However, every time I enter a new zip code, I have to add it to my formula field. I tried to jump the gun and found a list of every zip code in the state that I am primarily in and go ahead and create the formula for that state, but sadly, airtable limits the lenght of a formula that you have. I think I found the max to be around 350 IF() formulas branched together in one field.

I have not yet reached that in my table, but I know that it will eventually come, and I will have to find a different way to put the city and state. It will most likely be to enter the city and state manually in a single line text field. I really hate that airtable doesn’t offer something like this for the users that require city and state inputs in their table. I really hope that I find another way to auto-populate the city and state soon, as I am rapidly approaching the max in my table.


+1 for the feature request. This is a must have for automating a workflow.


Is there a way to make a logic select type?
For example, I have a Field1 and Field2
I want to make If Field1=A then Field2 has PackA of selecting items,
if Field1=B then Field2 has PackB of selecting items.
Is there a way to realize it?


From what I hear, they’re working on this one. :slight_smile:


Any update here with this? I was trying to do the same thing if type = P then it returns options for picking only from the types that relate to P


I was actually just logging into the forum to ask for this! Would love to know if there’s an update.


Since it has been a while, is there any update on the process?


Seems like there’s a few threads asking for the same thing. Is there a way to tag one of the threads to get an update from airtable directly on it?


The original question (9 months ago) could be solved by having a separate table with all the City + State values in 2 columns and a 3rd Formula concatenating them together (City, ST).
On the original table make a column for ‘link to another table’ instead of a multi-select and then as the city is typed and selected, you can make a lookup column that pulls in the State field from the the other table.


Same here. I logged in here to ask the same question.
Would be great to have this option intregrated.
I have one field (Field1) with “signle select”, and another field that should have a pre-defined dropdown menu, based on what has been selected in Field1

EDIT: seems that this is an easy solution. Thanks @Noel_Howell


Hey @Noel_Howell. How would a formula like that look? Currently building a base from scratch and I’m new to how the formulas work. Thanks!


I assume you are referring to the formula she mentions for “concatenating” the city and state…?

It would look like this, if you have a field called City, and a field called State:

{City} & ", " & {State}

You can use the & symbol to easily “concatenate” (combine together) data as “strings” (collections of letters, numbers, punctuation, and white spaces). So this formula will first put the city name (retrieved from the City field in that row) as a string, followed by a comma and a space, and then put the state name (retrieved from the State field in that row) as a string.


Exactly - Thanks @Jeremy_Oglesby. (Also thanks for correctly identifying me as a she not a he. LOL)

Hope that answers your question @Emil_Lilja?