Conditional Multi-Selection Field


Any update here with this? I was trying to do the same thing if type = P then it returns options for picking only from the types that relate to P

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I was actually just logging into the forum to ask for this! Would love to know if there’s an update.


Since it has been a while, is there any update on the process?

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Seems like there’s a few threads asking for the same thing. Is there a way to tag one of the threads to get an update from airtable directly on it?

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The original question (9 months ago) could be solved by having a separate table with all the City + State values in 2 columns and a 3rd Formula concatenating them together (City, ST).
On the original table make a column for ‘link to another table’ instead of a multi-select and then as the city is typed and selected, you can make a lookup column that pulls in the State field from the the other table.


Same here. I logged in here to ask the same question.
Would be great to have this option intregrated.
I have one field (Field1) with “signle select”, and another field that should have a pre-defined dropdown menu, based on what has been selected in Field1

EDIT: seems that this is an easy solution. Thanks @Noel_Howell

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Hey @Noel_Howell. How would a formula like that look? Currently building a base from scratch and I’m new to how the formulas work. Thanks!


I assume you are referring to the formula she mentions for “concatenating” the city and state…?

It would look like this, if you have a field called City, and a field called State:

{City} & ", " & {State}

You can use the & symbol to easily “concatenate” (combine together) data as “strings” (collections of letters, numbers, punctuation, and white spaces). So this formula will first put the city name (retrieved from the City field in that row) as a string, followed by a comma and a space, and then put the state name (retrieved from the State field in that row) as a string.


Exactly - Thanks @Jeremy_Oglesby. (Also thanks for correctly identifying me as a she not a he. LOL)

Hope that answers your question @Emil_Lilja?

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I’m still not clear on this, I am trying to create a multiple select field that will populate a conditional set of options depending on what is in another column. So, in the example of the cities and states: If I create a second table with cities and states, what am I to put in the original table to call up the specific cities as multiple select options when a specific state is selected in its respective column? The formula offered above does not seem to answer this question. Thanks in advance for any guidance!



Let’s say you manage People and you want to add their City.

  1. Create a Cities table.
  2. Add a State field to that Table, and add the records for the Cities with their States
  3. In the People table, add a Linked Record field to Cities.
  4. Add a Lookup field for State, that gets the State from the previous City linked record field. The Formula field is optional to join both and get something like Los Angeles, CA.

The MultiSelect field type has nothing to all of this because by now it is not dynamic, it’s static with the values you enter in its configuration.

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That solves the problem when someone begins with a city, but that’s not what the original question from @Joshua_Todd (or the follow-up from @Anna_Perlmutter) is about. Joshua was asking about the reverse: the user begins by choosing the state, which then narrows down the available list of cities in an adjacent field to those only within the chosen state. That’s not something that Airtable can do yet (as far as I know).

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I’ve got the first pass at a technique supporting conditional conditional logic (that is, conditional logic — but only under certain conditions :wink: ) nearly complete – check ‘Show and Tell’ in a couple of hours.

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And that’s why I am explaining another way.

Anyway, you know what City are you looking for, so why you need to select the State first? It does not matter to select the city, and then the city is populated automatically.


There’s a lot that we don’t know about Joshua’s situation. Maybe the end user of his base/table doesn’t necessarily know the city up front, and the state needs to come first. Or maybe they want to ensure that city names are spelled correctly, so the user has to choose it rather than typing it. I don’t know. In any case, I’ve seen interfaces that operate the way that Joshua described, so I’d prefer to give him what he wants (if it’s possible; I’m very eager to see what @W_Vann_Hall is brewing).

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Of course, I write based on the things we do now.




It was neither my desire nor intention to turn this discussion into a confrontation. I value your contributions to the forum. If something I said made you feel like I was attacking you or your recommendation, I’m sorry.

The solution you and others offered—to begin with the city—is a great alternative, and it may very well work for Joshua’s needs. The reason I made my initial comment pointing out Joshua’s state-first-city-second request is because sometimes a request gets misinterpreted for any number of reasons, and people offer solutions that go a different direction. I’ve done that plenty of times myself, in this forum and elsewhere. I wasn’t sure if that was the case here, so I simply wanted to clarify Joshua’s initial request in case this might be one of those times. That’s all.


I am also waiting for something exactly as you described, to use in a sales table, so I can choose only specific salesperson based on their city


It took me longer than a couple of hours, but my first cut at conditionally limited choices can be found here. However, it works with linked records, not with single- or multi-selects.

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Hi W_Vann_Hall
thanks, works exactly as I need
airtable should follow your example!!!