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I am trying to gather information from my colleges on how they do specific tasks through out our building (some departments have the same tasks but are done differently, we are trying to accumulate all the data and compare).

I have a grid view of all the tasks from all departments, but I am having trouble finding a way to track which department answers which questions and making sure that when a department does answer, the question can not be asked again (I do not want duplicate data if someone forgets that they already answered a previous question).

Is there a conditional format I can use to accomplish this or will I need to find an external form builder?

Thank you.

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It is a little hard to picture the data that you are working with. Could you provide some specific examples, perhaps with screen captures?

I have the table that the info will upload into and the form, once I have someone fill out a form for a designated workflow, how to I take that workflow option out of the list of workflows to submit another form for?

On your Workflows table, create a new view, and add a filter to that view. The filter will only allow records to display where the link field coming from your destination table is empty.

In your form, modify the field for linking to workflows so that it limits the selection to that new view:

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 3.21.36 PM

Once a workflow has been selected (i.e. linked), it will be removed from that custom view, and no longer appear as an option for subsequent form use.

Thank you, I was trying to figure that out originally but could not wrap my brain around it.

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