Conditional/Pivot table LOOKUPS


I would like to be able to only pull up records in a LOOKUP field if they match specific criteria. For example, in one table I have a list of classes with a corresponding field telling me what “Zone” or location they are in. For example:

Class 1 Zone 2
Class 2 Zone 3
Class 3 Zone 4
Class 4 Zone 2

Then in another table I would like to be able to only LOOKUP all the classes that ,meet an existing criteria but only display classes that are also filtered by the Zone in that row. For example:

Mondays Class 1, Class 4 Zone 2
Tuesdays Class 2 Zone 3

I want the LOOKUP field in the first row to only pull up the classes in Zone 2. Where as the the second row would pull up classes that are in Zone 3.

Is this possible?