Conditional Rollup Not Working

I think I’m just being stupid, but I can’t get this to work.

I have one table, APPLICANTS and one table, VACANCIES.

I’ve linked the records so there is a field on the APPLICANTS records to have the vacancy they’ve applied for. The names of the applicants also are shown on the VACANCIES table.

I’ve also managed to count the number of APPLICANTS and the number of INTERVIEWEES (from the APPLICANTS linked record and the INTERVIEW DATE field).

I want the SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT for the vacancy to be named on the VACANCIES table. There is a STATUS field and I’d like the names of each of the APPLICANTS for a vacancy who have one of a certain status (e.g. ‘Offer Made’, ‘Offer Accepted’, 'Hired)

I think that I need a conditional rollup which checks the STATUS for each APPLICANT for that VACANCY record , but I can’t work the formula/IF statement to use. My understanding is that it should be something like:

`IF({Status} = "Offer Made", {Name})`

But this throws up an error saying that the ‘name’ field can’t be found. The NAME field is a formula to concatenate the FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME fields but neither of these work and throw up the same error saying they can’t be found.

Would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.

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