Conditional Rollup - using a field value

Hi, I have a rollup field in a table, and I want to limit which linked records are included in the rollup by a condition. Specifically, I am looking to get “this week’s data”. In my table where the rollup resides, I created a field to use the Weeknum() function and get the number of this week. Then, in my linked records I also have a Weeknum field. So, in the rollup, I want to only sum those linked records where the Weeknum field value in the linked record = the Weeknum field value in the table where the rollup field resides. But it doesn’t seem I can do that. I would have to update the condition each time I need to pull or review the weekly data and manually set it to the number of the week I’m looking for. Any ideas on how to accomplish what I’m trying to do? Thanks in advance!

In the table where the records which need to be summed reside (Table B), add a Lookup field that pulls in the {Week Number} from Table A. Add a Formula that asks if {Week Number} = {Lookup}.

Adjust your conditional rollup to work off of that Formula.

Brilliant! Thank you so much!

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