Conditional Selections on Forms

:bulb: Feature Request for Forms…

  • :white_check_mark: There are already “Conditional Fields” that are based on criteria from {Other Field} data.
  • :speech_balloon: Could there also be “Conditional Selection Options” that are based on criteria from {Other Field} data?

It would be great if I could “Limit selection to specific options” based on other field conditions.

For Example: I have a venue with dozens of rooms. You can only use some of our rooms for specific types of events. So, if an {Event Type} was a “Recording Session” then it would be great to limit my {Room} field selection (multiple select type) to ONLY the recording studio rooms in our venue. A recording artist does not need to have our “Executive Conference Room” as an option when filling out the {Room} field on the form.

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That would be great. It’s not just a limitation of forms, it’s a limitation of Airtable in general.

You can make this happen (within a few constraints) by following the instructions in the thread I’ve linked to below, but this will only work within the Airtable interface itself — you can’t make this happen with a form.

I’m not sure if On2Air: Forms would be able to offer this functionality to you within a form, but you might want to check with them.

Wow! Thanks for your detailed response. I have a better understanding. I guess limits have to exist somewhere (:

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