Configuring auto refresh in Power BI for fetching latest Airtable data

I have integrated Airtable tables into Power Bi desktop using API key. Now I want to set up the auto refresh of data on Power Bi online and it asks for credentials. I am not sure what credentials I should be using as I tried API key & Bearer token, but nothing seems to work.

Authorization worked well on Power Bi desktop (check my post here: Airtable to PowerBI easy integration with API key).

If anyone has any ideas, please help me to set up auto refresh.

  1. Anonymous authentication

  1. Modes of authentications available

  1. I tried using my Airtable credentials as Username & Password and API key & Bearer token as well, but nothing is working.

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Has anyone found a solution for this issue? We are also running into an issue with auto-refreshing data from Airtable in Power BI.

@Akshay_R did the solution posted on reddit work for you?

Still doesn’t work. It’s almost certainly a Power BI problem. So if anyone has any luck getting any answers from them let us know!

I had this same issue, reconfigured it as per this article ( and it then magically worked using anonymous authentication.

Weird that it works differently on desktop vs on