Confirming payment in an attendance sheet


Hi! I am new to Airtable and organising a sporting club that has multiple training sessions a week. So far I have created a list of players and have all their details in the records. I then have another sheet where each training session is an individual record and in which I can link to the players and say who attended each training session. The problem is, I also want to keep track of whether or not each person paid - not just whether or not they attended. Any suggestions on how I could do this?


You need an auxiliary table, let’s say Attendances, so you could track Payment or anything about that person attending that session. Check this:


Hmm so it’s a many-to-many relationship? Sorry if i am being a bit slow, but would the third table (junction table?) have the people or the training sessions as the records?


None of that, you’d have:

  • Linked Record of the Person
  • Linked Record of the Session
  • Checkbox (or whatever you want) for the Payment.

And any other information about that Attendance, a Checkbox indicating if the Person has been late for instance.