Confused with Lookup Field


I’m really confused about lookup fields and assumed they worked in a similar way to vlookup in excel and google sheets.

I have two tables:-


  • orderid
  • order name
  • price
  • productid
  • sku


  • productid
  • productname
  • sku

The Orders sku field needs updating with the sku field from the Products table.

Is this possible and can someone show me an example please.



Lookup fields in Airtable do not work like vlookup in Excel. A vlookup in Excel search a range for a matching value, but an Airtable lookup field pulls in information from a linked record. Despite the similar sounding names, they do very different things.

I recommend you structure your base to have a junction table with linked records joining orders with products. The support article on many-to-many relationships has more information.

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