Connect a record based on email


I have a ‘Communiques’ table that lists the interaction I have with clients. I have just setup a Zapier that adds a new row to the Communiques table when a client emails me. What I would like to do is add an email column to the Communiques table - then have a script that takes the email and looks in my Contacts table to find an email that matches from the email column in Contacts - and then adds that Contact to the ‘Contact’ link column in the Communiques table.

If anyone could give any input or let me know which functions I should look for and start with would be much appreciate.d


I’m sure that someone here can help you write a JavaScript for this, although you might find it easier to just do it with Zapier. Just have Zapier perform the contact search for you, and then put that contact into your linked record field.

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Oh interesting - I wasn’t aware that Zapier could handle a secondary look up. I’ll keep that in mind Chrs.