Connect email message to record?

Is it possible to connect an email to an airtable record? I have emails that I want to connect to a record in a table 1) for reference 2) for me to click on and take me to that chain. I will take either, or, both!

The format of the email can be flexible - could be PDF (I know I can I export email as PDF and add, but I would like something more dyanmic, if possible.)

My email system is gmail.

Each message in Gmail is assigned a unique ID. When you select a message, the URL will end with this ID, making the full URL a direct pointer to that message. Copy the entire URL and paste it into a URL field in Airtable. I just tested this, and the URL opens Gmail directly to the linked message. Granted it will open in a new tab, so if you do this a lot, you’ll have lots of tabs to close, but it works.

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