Connect mutliple table with same format to one "mother" table that updates automaticaly

I’m trying to have a couple of “children” tables (restaurant, hotel, coffee shops) with the same colone format (name, adresse, contact info) all gathered in one “mother” table.

The idea would be that when we add or modify a reccord in the “children” table, it adds or modify the same reccord in the “mother” table automaticaly.

Its like my “mother” table is a mirror of my “children” tables.

If anyone knows if its possible I would love to have a tips because i haven’t cracked it.

Hey @Alois_Griffon-Monnet,

My humble suggestion would be to use a single table for these records. They are all species of the same type of thing – “Locations” or something like that.

So instead of breaking them up across multiple tables sorted by type, and trying to sync them back with a mother table that contains all “Locations”, instead, just keep them all in the one (originally mother) table. Create a field in that table called “Type”, or something like that – this can be a Single Select field, for example, where you tag the “Location” record as a restaurant or hotel or coffee shop.

So now, you are wanting to view them individually, which is why I’m guessing you separated them into their own tables – this is what “Views” are for in Airtable. Instead of creating new “Tables” to separate restaurants from hotels, you can create new “Views” in your “Locations” table to separate them (the “View” menu is in the upper-left corner of your Table interface). Use the “Filter” options on the view to show only restaurants or only hotels in that view.

Instead of navigating to different tables to see your segregated list of a particular type of “Location”, you will be navigating to different views within the one table.

Here’s a guide to using “Views” effectively:

I suggest this approach because I don’t immediately see any benefit you gain by having these items split out into their own tables. I’m fairly certain that anything you were wanting to do with separate tables can also be done with separate views. If you have a special case where only separate tables can get you what you need, then I can also provide assistance in using Automations to achieve syncing of tables in your base.

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Of course, thank you @Jeremy_Oglesby for your answer. It seems like this would be the right thing to do, I don’t know why I wanted to devide it into different tables.
Thank you again

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